Photography – Infinite Cyclorama

I’ve created an infinitely scrolling and randomly updating collection of my photographs in an interactive interface , which you can currently activate with the right and left arrows on a keyboard and which randomly changes photos when you refresh the page (or hit the enter key). Mobile users can appreciate this as a constantly scrolling panorama. There are two concepts at work here. First, is the notion of the multiple-exposure photograph, which has a long history in photography from early use of the technique by charlatan paranormalists as an early form of special effects. The second is the Cyclorama, a Victorian, pre-cinema form of entertainment which, at its simplest was a monumental, whole or half, cylindrical (usually history) painting that in some famous instances also rotated around the central viewing area. My version of the cyclorama allows the user/viewer to engage with these representations of history, in particular in the layering of history that takes place through interaction with the Infinite Cyclorama, in ways that the more fixed original, in a historical and representational sense, allows for.