Photography – “City of Churches”

This is an ongoing project that started from a sense that there were a lot of churches in my home town. As I collect images and information, the question morphs. The reality is that, even with 170 churches in Lynchburg, there are many more cities in the U.S. with more churches per capita, yet Christianity is much more in the forefront of Lynchburg’s collective consciousness than anywhere else I have ever lived. Lynchburg has also become a nexus of politics and evangelical Christianity regionally and nationally. It is arguably at the height of its influence in that dual sphere in this age of omnipresent communications. This project considers what it is like to live in this Mecca, and what Christianity looks like on a local level here in contrast to the high-wattage version that represents Lynchburg everywhere else. I have a mockup of a photobook. I am also working on an interactive interface for this project.